New Plum Blossom Scented

This beautiful scented collection is now available.

It is cruelty free and 100% Irish.

No nasty stuff just good quality natural ingredients. Designed to gently remove make-up residue from both natural and synthetic bristles.

Plum Blossom Collection


The Peppermint Collection

Do you like refreshing smell of peppermint? If so this brush cleaning collection could be for you!!

Peppermint Collection


So simple to use

MuMe’s Solid MakeUp Brush Cleanser is cruelty free, alcohol free, completely natural and so easy to use, click the link below to watch how.

"I found this so quick and easy to use" - Tara Anderson

How to use video


Daily Brush Cleansing Spray

MuMe's multi award winning VEGAN Brush Cleanser is also available in a daily liquid version, which has already been nominated for a Beaut.ie award. It's alcohol free, chemical free, vegan, cruelty free.

MuMe's Daily Brush Cleansing Spray