Meet Emma Hyland

Owner and founder 
The creative mind behind MuMe is me, Emma Hyland. I have worked in the beauty industry for years with a specific focus on aromatherapy and natural product making. I have taught with the beauty and makeup department at Blackrock Institute and my first business venture was personally designing skincare for massage clients. Through designing skincare, I began to make other products and noticed a need for a good quality makeup cleanser, thus MuMe's first product was born. MuMe has now expanded into a creative and educational way for people to get hands-on and create their own products.
“A quality product with a moral heart”

MuMe Brand

Explore your inner creativity. Natural. Sustainable. Locally-sourced.
MuMe is all about creativity in a sustainable way. MuMe began with the multi-award-winning makeup brush cleanser. MuMe makeup brush cleansers are cruelty-free and have been distributed in stores such as Aldi and Dunnes. Now, the creative side of the MuMe brand is blossoming with new workshops and creative kits. MuMe allows the opportunity to explore beauty naturally, cruelty-free, toxin-free, and with ingredients that are sourced locally and ethically.

"I am passionate about all things natural and believe in sharing knowledge but most of all let's enjoy the experience of creating" 

Why MuMe?

The brand name, MuMe, is inspired by a Japanese fable about the first form of makeup. Meaning “plum blossom” in Japanese, MuMe tells the story of a Japanese princess falling asleep under a plum tree, and when she awoke the fallen blossoms on her face made her look so beautiful that the local women started painting blossom motifs around their eyes and this, according to in legend, was the first form of makeup. MuMe seeks to reflect this story with natural products and enhancing inner beauty through creativity.