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Party Packs

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We are delighted to introduce our new party packs ....

Party packs are a great way to get creative with friends and family, you can choose what you would like to make or set a budget and I we will custom make them for groups ranging from 5 - 300 people! Ideal for birthday celebrations, hen nights, team building and corporate events, if you'd like a quote please feel free to contact me (Emma; all I need is a rough idea on numbers and the product/s you're interested in.

Prices range from €15 per person (this would be a 6 person party pack for bath bombs)


Here are some of the options you can choose from:

Lip balms


Bath Bombs

Soaps (melt and pour base)

Facial Cleansing Clay

Moisturising Balm

Solid Moisturiser & Solid exfoliator 

Sugar Scrub



Lip stick

Highlighter/bronzer/cream blush

Soap Brows


There is also an option for a zoom workshop!