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Refill candle making kit

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Refill your favourite candle.

If you’re like me and have received some beautiful candles in containers that you just can’t bear to throw away but I no idea what to do with them, this could be your answer!!!

Refill them! It’s means you get to use that wonderful container again, you won’t need to buy a new candle and you’ll know exactly what’s in it.

Each refill kit includes: 170g pure eco soy wax and a wick (made from a blend of cotton and natural paper fibres). This is the exact amount you will need to refill one of our glass containers or any other approx 200ml container.

You can choose to add a scent (which is measured for the amount of wax in the refill pack).

Unscented Refill Kit (170g of soy wax + wick) = €6.95


Add a scent for €2.50 (this is a measured amount suitable for the refill kit (170g)



Tigerlily Blossom fragrance in 100% eco soy wax

Plum & Rhubarb fragrance in 100% eco soy wax

Coconut & Lime fragrance in 100% eco soy wax

Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon in 100% eco soy wax

Strawberry Fizz in 100% eco wax


These refill kits are made in Ireland with locally sourced ingredients, they are packaged in enviromentaly friendly materials – we promise to be as considerate to the enviroment as possible, this is something we are constatly working on.