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Natural soy candle wax

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Nature wax- suitable for making container candles. It is in flake form for easy measuring. Price includes VAT. Nature Wax C-3 is a 100% soy wax which is ideal for container candles. Very clean burning, with very low shrinkage. NatureWax® is the market leading, high-performance, natural vegetable-based wax blends used by premium candle makers. NatureWax® offers a comprehensive selection of innovative, premium natural waxes available to candle makers. NatureWax® have a long history of pioneering vegetable-based waxes for candles. With expertise in vegetable-based waxes the range provides innovative and proprietary products that solve most complex product challenges. NatureWax® products are known for:

  • Burning up to 50 percent longer compared to mineral waxes under similar conditions
  • Supporting increased fragrance loading in candle with no syneresis as compared to purely paraffin based systems
  • Exhibiting better glass adhesion than other natural wax formulations resulting in less waste material and fewer production issues.
  • Coming from renewable vegetable sources that can be replenished at a faster rate than many alternative fluids providing long-term, reliable supply.
  • This wax has a maximum fragrance load of 7%
  • Recommended pouring temp of 50-55 degrees C
  • Recommended curing time of 48hours