The Art of Candlemaking

The Art of Candlemaking

History | Process 

The art of candle making dates back to ancient Roman civilization where candles were first made from tallow wax. Candle making also has historical

 roots in China, India, and Canada. The first candle produced for the scent comes from India, and in Canada, it was used primarily as a source of light. Candle making became commercialized when olive oil became scarce across Europe, and artisans began to specialize in the production of candles. Down the line, with the discovery of electricity and light, candles became less of a necessity, and more of a home item for scent and ambiance. For the candle-making process you can use a variety of melted waxes and 

wicks, soy wax with a cotton fiber wick is our favorite, it’s clean to burn and sustainably sourced. 

Art Form 

Candle-making is a form of art, it opens up room for customization and creativity in a seemingly simple home item. Candle making allows you to play with different scents, colors, and shapes, and endless possibilities exist. The act of creating a custom candle allows you to zero in on the nuanced process and to make a perfect blend of your favorite scents. In addition, mindful placement of candles in the home makes for beautiful home décor and adds the perfect touch to office space, bedroom, bathroom, or common area. Play around with different scents within different areas of your home such as using a relaxing scent in your bedroom or an energizing scent in your office.  


Think about yourself in your most relaxed state. What do you feel? What do you smell? What does the ambiance feel like? Many people may have candles included in this imagination. Modern candles are used for scents, and these scents have benefits; even just the act of lighting a candle is an act of self-care. Aromas, such as lavender, can have a soothing effect, and MuMe’s creative kits allow you to create your perfect blend of scents. Scents can improve your mood, boost your memory, help you rest and relax, and create comfort. So, explore the benefits of aroma therapy and find what works best for you with MuMe. 

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