MuMe meets Rebeluna in citrus collaboration

MuMe meets Rebeluna in citrus collaboration

Irish Beauty Brands Collaborate on Citrus Cleanser

Irish beauty businesses are carving out a strong niche in innovative cosmetics and beauty accessories, often driven by practical needs and gaps in the market.

Two such brands, MuMe, the new cruelty-free Irish brush cleanser range, and Rebeluna, created by make-up artist, Lauren Cleare, have got together to create an exclusive new citrus fragranced MuMesolid make up brush cleanser to jointly promote.

The Rebeluna website,, is recommending and stocking the natural MuMe brush cleansing product, priced at €15.00, alongside its specialist make-up brush collection.

Created by holistic therapist, Emma Hyland, and launched this year, MuMe are deliciously scented Irish-made solid brush cleansers that come packaged in super cute shiny tins.  Not only affordable and very effective, these solid cleansers are packed with good quality natural ingredients and are easy to use and impossible to spill!

Deep cleaning make-up brushes frequently is essential to ensure a long life for them, while also keeping the hairs soft and protecting gentle skin from bacteria that can accumulate, MuMe founder Emma Hyland says.

“Rebeluna is a great brand of make-up brushes, and I am thrilled that Lauren has worked with MuMe to develop this exclusive new fragranced cleanser with us as a natural solution for quick and easy brush care”, she says.

Packed with high quality natural ingredients like kaolin cleansing clay and softening goats-milk, MuMe’s new Rebeluna cleanser works for both natural and synthetic bristles and is kind to sensitive skin.  The gentle cleaning formula keeps brushes naturally soft and pliable and essential oils beautifully fragrance the innovative citrus cleansing product.

A MuMe spray for daily spot cleaning, also made in Ireland with all-natural ingredients, is also available to buy exclusively from, alongside the new Rebeluna solid citrus cleanser.

Lauren Cleare’s Rebeluna brand features a range of luxury false eyelashes as well as the unique make up brush collection, with a striking magenta and black handle design. 

The cruelty free and synthetic brushes are beautifully made, and are suitable for use with cream, powder and liquid products.  A full range for all make-up application can be bought singly or in great value sets, both in pharmacies countrywide and on the Rebeluna website.

The brand also launched Rebeluna 3D Luxury False Lashes, which come in six different styles, to meet demand for a quality false lashes product for the Irish pharmacy sector.

Blog post by Tara Gilleece