Mother's Day essentials

Mother's Day essentials

This may be the strangest Mother’s Day in recent history, normally I would be promoting seeing her, in person, hug her, kiss her, appreciate her, take her out to lunch or to the spa. However this year a lot of mothers will be isolated from their children and possibly even completely alone. I am separated from my mum this year and due to the current world situation she has been on my mind more than ever, and I’m not alone in this- Emma Hyland, Ireland

My mother has never been brand conscious as such, but I remember her telling of how she fantasised the Yardley soaps and fragrances a couple of years ago when I was in school. When I actually got her a Yardley bath set that year on Mother’s Day, she was overwhelmed and cried a little because I actually put in pocket money and the internship stipend together- Alpona Dutta, Ireland 

The way she caresses my forehead when I wake up... The best memory and feeling!’- Maitri Dalal, Spain

Cooking my favourite food for the second time- Abhinav Acharya, Ireland 

Cooking with my mum to learn dishes just before leaving from Canada- Sharmin Mistry, Canada

My mom cooking food while chatting with me while I sat on the kitchen platform- Vaibhavi Kadam, Canada

Not wanting to sound monotonous, it’s indeed a blessing in its own to have someone who brings you into this world, someone who nurtures you, who places your needs before her own. She’ll be the one to encourage you in your endeavours by being that staunch pillar of support, admonish you in times of follies and also uplift your spirits in mellow moments. She might not be vocal but you would know that she loves you when she does a simple gesture like putting your picture as her Whatsapp display. And by mothers, we do not want to limit to just biological mothers; it is to include every kindred soul who looks after you- foster mother, adoptive mother or stepmother.

Of course, it seems simple. Take her to brunch, buy her flowers, go to a movie. Escalate the game by buying her a jewel. But have you thought about the ecstasies that life presents in simpleness? Make her a candle with her favourite scent, a bath fizz or some handmade facial oil, something thoughtful and creative that she will cherish.

The joy of gifting in incredulous indeed but the joy of making your mother smile is unprecedented!