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bath bombs splashed with mica colour

Bath bomb making kit (citrus)

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 "What a great gift to receive and a chance to get creative at home".

Bath bombs are fun to make and to use: pop them in a warm bath and as they hit water they fizz and release all their goodness.

With this kit you should be able to make approx 8 - 10 bath bombs, it's full of natural ingredients and you have the option to pick a colour or have with flower petals (it's naturally white if you don't add colour). The fragrance is May Chang a natural essential oil, which will be part of the ingredients, if you would prefer not to have a fragrance or prefer a different one please email me and I will make it happen :-)

What's in the box:

Bicarbonate Soda

Citric Acid


Sunflower oil

Fragrance/essential oils

bath bomb mould

flower petals/decorations/FDA approved safe colour



What you will need:

bowl for mixing

a slash/spray of water 

tray for putting the bath bombs on while they set


Please note it takes approximately 12 - 24 for the bath bombs to set completely and be ready for use.


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Made in Ireland